Donnerstag, 22. September 2016

Audi RS4 B8 Avant "LucianPaineDesign"

Audi RS4 B8 Avant

LucianPaineDesign Streetrace-Edition

Another LPD Streetracer is up to download now. The RS4 is a family Racecar. Wanna take your Wife and kids on the Racetrack? Wanna race the Thrill out of your Family? Take the RS4 Avant and get ready for the fastest Van in Assetto Corsa. Maybe yet, i didn't find some else. 

This Audi was the first Car i made in LPD Streetrace Design, because this car already got the awesome stunning AustinYellow Paintjob. I was thinking about how to make this car looks faster. And what helps, is everytime some Rallyestripes. And even faster when they are carbon made. 

The Rims are made in Carbon/Chrome design and makes the car looks even badder. 

To get this car you need to download an free copy of the Audi RS4 B8 Avant right here @ Maybe you will find it somewhere else, but i found it there. 

And the LPD-Livery you get as always here @ RaceDepartment

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