Freitag, 28. Oktober 2016

BMW Z4 GT3 "RTS Wind AG"

BMW Z4 GT3 in official RTS Wind AG-Livery

Hello dear Simracers,

today I am prode to indroduce to you new next official RTS Wind AG Racecar for Assetto Corsa.
The BMW Z4 GT3

To be honest the Basedesign is made from my conversation of the Forza Motorsport 6-Livery I made some month ago, but the result looks pretty fast I think. And it was fast for me. With that Livery I made my personal best time at Nordschleife with 6:53,942min. I'm not Sure, is it the Paintjob or the Setup of the Racecar, but my Experience teachs me, that I am faster with a personal deign, or maybe the Setup. 
Beside using the Forza Basic Design, I also use the Black Rims with Green Line, my personal Racehelmet and Suit. I changed the standard Michelin Tyre Texture and also the Glasses are made darker to give the car a bader Image. And it works I guess :-)

The BMW Z4 GT3 is a basic car of Assetto Corsa, so you just need to download the Livery as usally here @ RaceDepartment.

Ingame Screenshots (unedited)

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